Price: RM 2,150.00

...  more
misswind50-Sebart Miss Wind 50e
Price: RM 1,580.00

Wing Span 1520mm
Length 1580mm
Wing Area 65 cm2
Weight 2500g w/out battery
Required Radio: 6-Channel with 2 standard servos + 4 sub-micro servos for ailerons

Recommended Set Up

Motor: Hacker A50-16S
ESC: Castle Phoenix Ice 75 Amp
Battery: Thunder Power45C 3800-6S or 4400-6S
Prop.: APC 16x10E/16x12E...  more
mythos30-Sebart Mythos 30e ARF
Price: RM 1,199.00

Sebart Mythos 30e – White/Red/Blue Version

Wing Span: 50.39 in
Length: 53.15 in
Wing area: 496 sq in
Weight: 3,19 lb. RTF whitout batteries
Radio: 4-Channel with 4 MG sub-micro servos (Required)...  more
S-125 E-Sebart Mythos 125-E white/blue/red
Price: RM 2,550.00
Weight: 4.3kg

Wing Span : 180 cm
Length : 190 cm
Wing Area : 61dm2
Weight : 3.650g. RTF less battery...  more
mythos 2m-Sebart Mythos 2M ARF Yellow/ Black
Price: RM 7,880.00
Weight: 5kg

This model will take preorder only , please call for more details .

Dimensions and weight:
Wing Span 189 cm - Lenght 200cm
Wing surface 63,3 dm2 - Stab surface 17,5 dm2
Top small wing area: 6,7 dm2
Weight: 3.800 gr without main battery...  more
fan-120-Bj-craft Fantasista 120 -E
Price: RM 3,690.00
Weight: 4kg

Design by Akiba Yoichiro
Wingspan 1800mm
Length 1800mm
Wing area 58.0 dm2
Stabilizer area -
Spinner diameter 75 mm
C.G C.G Wing front edge back 166 mm - 175 mm
Net weight 3900g With out battery 3000g

...  more
N-120-Bj-craft Nauance 120 size
Price: RM 3,450.00
Weight: 4kg


Length 1790 mm

Wing span 1713 mm

wing area 53 dm2

H.Wing area 11.7 dm2

V.wing area 12 dm2


Air frame only 1700-1800g

Flying 3980g

Battery 4500mah 8S 995g

...  more

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