Product Name:SAB Avio M169 HAVOK Antartica Robodrone ARF
Product Code:SAM169
Product description:

SAB Avio M169 HAVOK Antartica Robodrone ARF

The SAB Avio model is the semi-scale 1/8 of the M169 HAVOK Robodrone version. 

This SAB Avio high-performance model is able to achieve, through its vector thrust, 3D figures and high speeds. Its futuristic shapes defy the laws of aerodynamics. From the imagination of the designers of SAB Avio this model is part of a line called "ANTARTICA" grouping TORTUGA and DRAKE (also available on our website).

The videos and photos speak for themselves. This model will really turn heads on the ground, both in flight and on the ground.


  • Painted fiberglass fuselage / Airex fuselage (made under vacuum)
  • All parts and horns are already painted
  • High angle thrust vectoring with inox pipe
  • Control surface horns and servo mounts installed
  • Ready to install retractable landing gear (in option)
  • Easy access to all the components
  • Easy wing connection
  • Turbine easily accessible
  • Super-fast assembly

Technical specifications

  • Wing Span: 1690mm / 66.54in
  • Length: 2360mm / 92.91in
  • Dry Weight: 11 to 13kg / 388 to 428.5oz (empty tank and according chosen equipments)
  • Turbine: 12-25 Kg thrust
  • Possible tank capacity: 5 liters 


  • SAB Avio M169 HAVOK Antartica ROBODRONE
  • High angle thrust vectoring kit
  • Exhaust inox/aluminium pipe
  • Conformal fuel tank
  • Manual in English


  • Turbine: 12 to 25kg thrust
  • 6x standard servos and 4x mini servos
  • Landing gear
  • Minimum 6 channels radio and receiver
  • Estimated build time is 12 hours

SAM169-SAB Avio M169 HAVOK Antartica Robodrone ARF
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