Product Name:Pilot-rc F86F 2.1m (82″)
Product Code:Pilot-rc F86F 2.1
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Product description:


  • Full scale detail with rivets panel lines, simulated hatches, etc…
  • Full composite construction, lightweight and strong 
  • Two piece wing and two piece full flying stabiliser, all for easy transport
  • Quick release wings, no tools required
  • Quick release elevator system, clamp in place with a couple of turns to the bolt
  • Painted outside the mold so no seam lines
  • Fully hidden linkages for flap, rudder and ailerons; with no horn, servo arm, ball links or pushrods exposed


  • Complete air frame (including aluminium wing-tubes and fibreglass control horns)
  • Servo extension leads
  • Dual wall tail pipe (for 120-180N turbines)
  • Fiberglass fuel tanks (2100ml x2) and UAT (250ml)
  • Pre-prepared pushrods with ball links
  • Pre-glued control horns
  • Comes with air intake and turbine port covers


  • Color schemes, silver paint replaced by special chrome plating finish
  • Speed brake (molded into fuselage, can not be ordered separately). Requires two additional servos
  • Pilot-RC electric landing gear and brake set
  • Wing drop tank
  • Smoke system (includes 1000ml tank, smoke pump, injection pipe and fuel tubing)
  • Scale cockpit (minus pilot)
  • Wing bags
  • Fuselage bags

Pilot-rc F86F 2.1 -Pilot-rc F86F 2.1m (82″)
Price: RM 0.00
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