Product Name:Dual-sky BEC Pro DUO
Product Code:BEC PRO DUO
Price:RM 278.00
Product description:

Used to adjustDesign features:
● Miniaturization design, input & output port using horizontal row;
● Dual battery input design, automatic switching and balancing between
● 4 current outputs, support 4 channel servos direct connection;
● Plug and play. No need to weld the connectors;
● Internal dual input voltage monitor for low voltage with memory function;
● Support HV servos (7.4V), output voltage is switchable;
● Includes FSS-3, the failure safety switch with status indicator (#46813),
   VR Pro Duo also supports FSS-4 lightweight switch(#46814);
● Equipped with heat sink and external cooling fan (#46816);
● Support up to 10pcs of 30kg digital servo;
● Can be used on the largest 13KG model aircraft, eg.120CC Gasoline
   Powered Aircraft.

Electrical Features:
● Linear regulator, no interference, low ripple;
● The input power uses simulated diode dual redundancy power supply;
● Double MosFET output, independent linear control IC, high output current
● Low dropout design makes fully use of the cell's capacity, especially on
   HV mode;
● Large heat sink, good heat dissipation and high overload capacity;
● Built-in MCU precisely controls FSS-3 and internal voltage;
● Fail safe design, ensuring Non-stop work;
● SMT process, ensureing the quality;
● Input & output port all use high quality tantalum capacitors;
● Dualsky Shanghai factory assembled, fully tested before dispatch.

Price: RM 278.00
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