Product Name:Pilot-rc Halmiton EDGE540 67in
Product Code:prc 67
Price:RM 1,570.00
Product description:


• Strong Light Weight Construction 
• Professional designed for 3D and precision aerobatics
• Professionally covered in Oracover(Ultracote) from Germany 
• Complete hardware included 
• Removable wings. one piece stabilizer 
• All control horns included 
• Design for both 20cc gasoline engine and electric motor
• Design for  Pilot-RC CC20/400KV motor
• Design for standard servo, two for aileron, one for elevator, one for rudder. 
• Can use pull pull system or push pull system for rudder. 
• Come with wing bag
• come with the servo extension wires
• Command to use 4500mah 6S 22.2V 35C lipo battery
• Command to use  100A ESC.
• Command to use  Pilot-RC CC20/400KV motor
• Pilot-RC have electric package for sale, include one CC20/400KV motor, one 100A ESC, one 18*10 electric propeller,  4pcs Pilot-RC PY20AL servos with AL servo arm. check here for detail:
High Pre-installation :
• Pre hinged wings and stabs 
• Pre mounted and painted Canopy 
• Pre install push rods with Ball links 
Carbon Fiber accessories version:
• Carbon Fiber wing tube include 
• Carbon Fiber landing gear include 
• Carbon Fiber tail wheel include 
• Spinner include, with hole to cool the motor

The product does not include the decals (EXTRA330) and Pilot LOGO on the wing, does not include the pilot website on the aileron which show on the photos.  

Schemes No. Schemes names Up view Back view Side view
330-05 red yellow  checker      
330-06 green white checker
330-08 blue/white/black 
330-10 orange purple checker      
330-12  red/white/black       
330-15   green/white/black       

prc 67-Pilot-rc Halmiton EDGE540 67in
Price: RM 1,570.00
Weight: 4kg
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